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Increase Engagement and Revenue via Form Flow Optimization (Tutorial)

You are responsible for growth and sales in your company? Your CEO is asking you why all the money being spent on marketing doesn’t reflect in a proper ROI? Well, this tutorial is for you! :)

What is Form Flow Optimization?

Form Flow Optimization helps you to boost sales and engagement on your platform or website. Learn how to tweak your sales funnels to deliver a unique experience to every single visitor. It is easier to set up than you might think it is.

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Your Website Visitors Have Distinct Browsing Patterns

Your visitors on your B2C websites have to complete a ton of steps, often filling out forms and other processes to do business with you - how do you personalize for each visitor to get them through these steps without resorting to code everything in your app?

Your grandma vs your niece use different ways of navigating a website - how does a marketeer account for these different audiences?

Use Proven Techniques to Get Your Visitors Back on Track

In this tutorial, I am going to introduce and share techniques I am using to bring value to our clients here at Intempt:

  • Set up funnels in Google Analytics to understand how your visitors behave and how effective your marketing campaigns really are
  • Create chained and consistent campaigns via campaign mapping
  • Keep an overview over your several channels via macro KPIs
  • Create powerful personalization campaigns using funnel data insights

Ready to Boost Engagement and Revenue via Form Flow Optimization?