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How Petco achieved their 360 degree customer view

Data seems to be what every marketer wants and can never get enough of. Understanding what data you need then begs the question, “What do I do with it now that I have it?”

Adam Fox, former Vice President of Marketing for Petco, shares which key questions he asked himself to acquire a 360° degree view of his customer, and how improving his foundational data reduced Petco’s customer inquiries by 30%.

Adam states that obtaining a 360° view of customer is certainly a challenge - largely an ideal that changes based on what you are seeing and how you’re getting that view.

Pursuing that complete view of his customer gave Adam exposure to what data is out there and how people are using that data to better understand the customer, to effectively market to them and fully understand their needs.

Because a 360° view is not an immediate vantage point, Adam had to prioritize and group accordingly. He started with identifying all of the data they’d want from a number of different channels - Petco brick and mortar stores, the Pals loyalty program, and petco.com.

Adam’s questions started with

  • What kinds of pets does a specific customer own?
  • Which customers are more likely to purchase a certain product?
  • Which customers are more likely to defect?
  • How can I find look-alikes for the customers I have today for customer acquisition to grow my customer base?
  • What geos affect products that are seasonal?

Once those questions were identified, the analytics team was able to identify a target population and begin predicting what customers were inclined to do. The tools they used to drive conversion included email, a DMP, paid social, data warehousing systems, R for analyzing the data.

When I asked Adam what tool he would have like to have had, he said A DMP or a CDP to marry first party data with third party data, to connect everything from Petco website visits to purchase behavior to what they do elsewhere on the internet.

Being focused on foundational data was what led to reducing Petco’s customer inquiries by 30%. Customers were calling in regarding incorrect account info, so they focused their efforts there. The discovered that legacy systems were giving them duplicate and incorrect data, so Adam’s team did forensic detective work to discover what data was correct or incorrect, and what feeds were delivering in a timely fashion.

He got his team on board by being proactive in having yearly team meetings to discuss what the goals were for the year, that were largely connected with the goals set for himself by C-suite management. As most marketers are tuned into brand and experience, his team believed in where they were going and were focused on delivering great customer experience.

“I think the critical thing with working with teams is making sure that the team understands the business consequences of the strategy that you've selected, and having them understand that what we’re doing today is going to result in an x amount improvement over here tomorrow, and really make sure that you’re aligning the work activity to something where they can see meaningful value."

Adam Fox can be found on LinkedIn HERE

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