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Home Office Expenses

Intempt employees carry out the bulk of their workload while working outside of a traditional office. We pay for home office setups as a 70% Intempt + 30% Employee shared responsibility for items we jointly agree as necessary for happiness quotient to bump!

Home office workers may choose to work from:

🏠 a home office

a coffee shop

🏢 a co-working space

What are the perks of home office work?

⚖️ You’ll enjoy a better work-life balance – you’ll finish your work assignments AND spend more quality time with loved ones at home.

You’ll save the time you’d otherwise spend commuting – you’ll have more time to spend on your priority tasks

💲 You’ll save money you’d otherwise spend commuting – you’ll save the money you spend on gas, maintenance, and public transportation.

🛋️ You’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home one Stanford study shows that people working from home are 13% more productive than their office-based peers.

In order to work from home properly, you’ll first need to equip your home properly. Here is the working equipment home office workers need and we'll help pay for.

What do you need for a home office setup?

💺 You’ll need proper furniture – no matter where you work from remotely, you’ll need a desk, chair, etc. Or you may not have room and may want a go to a coffee shop or a co-working space.

💻 You’ll need hardware – this includes a mobile phone, a laptop/desktop computer, a second monitor, printer, etc.

📱 You’ll need software – this includes tools you need to use to carry out your main line of work, as well as the tools you use to communicate and collaborate with your team, etc.