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"Live Healthy" Money

As part of our "Live Healthy" benefit, we share a generous  70% Intempt + 30% Employee responsibility to encourage you to spend time and money on you, your domestic partner and any children.

Intempt currently pays a generous amount for health and wellness expenses above and beyond what health insurance plans cover.

Some examples of things that are not covered by traditional health plans are below. These are simply suggestions; you are free to choose your own and we'll help cover it.

1. Gym

Enjoy our 72,000 square foot fitness centre with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, and access to personal trainers (kidding!) but paying for your gym membership is included.

2. Smoking cessation programs

The addition of coaching for our team members trying to quit smoking may make the difference between success and failure.

3. Massage therapy

Paramedical services, like massage therapy.

4. Yoga classes

Yoga and meditation is an extremely effective stress reliever. Yoga is an effective way to incorporate self-care into work, so that team members don’t have to feel guilty about neglecting work.

The most important requirement for practicing yoga is the space to do it and we'll help pay for it.

5.  Assistance programs

Wellness not only means taking care of the body but the mind as well. You may wish to get confidential support for issues like stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Plenty of work-related stress can be addressed outside of the workplace through guided support programs and we'll help pay for it.

6. Naps

How does an after-lunch snooze sound? Professional or not, there’s no argument that a good nap always leaves one feeling completely refreshed. Due to the flexible work schedules, employees can catch a quick nap and return to their projects with renewed energy.

While simply having a dedicated nap room isn’t technically a “program”, naps have clinically proven benefits when it comes to productivity. We’ve all felt that afternoon lull after lunch. We're not asking Steve from the accounting department hibernate under his desk. We’re telling you to recharge in ways that suit you best.

Maybe it’s allowing you extra time to go outside for a walk or having a quiet area for staff members to read. The idea is to not be so rigid in the ways employees spend their off time. Everyone gets energized in different ways and finding out what those are can improve mental wellness and productivity.

7. Pregnancy and post partum needs

You or your loved one may wish to incorporate several specific services during this time that may not be covered by traditional health insurance plans in your area.

Incase you're wondering what qualifies as an expense remember that this is about your physical, mental and emotional well being. If it helps, it qualifies.